Singapore University of Social Sciences

Administrative Offices and Departments

Administrative Offices support the University’s mission by providing comprehensive services to the University’s stakeholders and to the wider community.

Campus IT Services Division (CITS) was set up in January 2008 with an initial objective of providing in-house application development services and maintaining Singapore University of Social Sciences​’ growing IT infrastructure. The Division has revamped the student records system to meet the current demand of managing student life cycle from admission through to alumni. As e-learning becomes more pervasive in today’s education environment, CITS is constantly on the lookout for relevant emerging technologies that can be used to enhance the learning experience of the students. In addition, the management of the laboratories comes under the purview of CITS as well.

The Division manages the Application Development Department which supports overall IT applications needed by the University, including the maintenance of the current systems, the new software application implementations and system upgrades. It also oversees the IT Operation Department which supports the University’s infrastructure, including network connectivity, internet access, servers and applications availability.