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SUSS Node for Inclusive FinTech

Professor, David LEE Kuo Chuen

Professor, School of Business
Advisor, SUSS NiFT

Courses: Advanced topics in Digital Economy and FinTech

Research Interest: AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Transformation, Convergence of Technology, China Tech

Asset allocation, digital transformation, central bank digital currency, blockchain investment

Dr LO Swee-Won

Senior Lecturer, School of Business

IBF Future Enabled Skills, content creator and validator

Courses: Financial Cryptography, Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges, Blockchain Security & Privacy, Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract in Finance, Data Technologies in Financial Modelling

Research Interest: Applied Cryptography; Blockchain Usability, Security & Privacy

Associate Professor DING Ding

Vice Dean, School of Business

IBF Future Enabled Skills, content validator

Courses: Financial Technologies and Innovations, Financial Management in the Digital Economy

Research Interest: Financial technology and digital inclusion, Chinese economy

Associate Professor GUAN Chong

Deputy Director, Office of Graduate Studies, School of Business

IBF Future Enabled Skills, content validator

Courses: Selected topics on Digital Transformation

Research Interest: Consumer decision making on digital platforms

Associate Professor Joseph LIM Young Sain

Associate Professor, School of Business

Professional Activities: Member, Education Advisory Committee, CFA Institute; Trustee, SNEC Endowment Funds

Research Interest: Investments; Financial Markets

Associate Professor PHOON Kok Fai

Associate Professor, School of Business

Guest Editor, Journal of Risk and Financial Management Special Issue on Digital and Internet Finance

Professional Activities: Fund Advisory Board, Ferrell Asset Management

Research Interest: Funds Management; Alternative Assets; Risk and Performance Measurement and Management

Associate Professor TAN Chong Hui

Head, Finance Programme, School of Business

Oversees the Finance Programme

Courses: Mathematics and Programming for Reasoning in Finance (upcoming), Derivative Securities

Research Interest: Financial systems and processes, financial data and information

Associate Professor YU Yinghui

Head, Master of Finance Programme, School of Business

Oversees the Master in Finance programme

Co-Head of ACCESS Singapore Inclusion Sub-committee

IBF Future Enabled Skills, content validator

Research Interest: Empirical Asset Pricing; Derivatives; Market Microstructure; Risk Management

Dr DING Qinxu

Lecturer, School of Business

Courses: Financial Cryptography, Essentials of Financial Management, Computation Law

Research Interest: FinTech & Blockchain; Applied Machine Learning; Computational Mathematics

Dr HUNG Yu-chen

Senior Lecturer, School of Business

Courses: Platform Strategy (graduate), Crowdsourcing (executive training), B2B marketing

Research Interest: New product adoption, co-creation, experiential marketing

Dr Caroline LIM SL

Head, Organisation and Leadership for Non-Profits Programme, S R Nathan School of Human Development

Courses: B2B Marketing, CRM

Research Interest: Corporate Social Responsibility; P2P Interactions in Customer Experience Management; Transformative Service Research

Dr NEO Poh Ling

Senior Lecturer, School of Business

Courses: Financial Technologies and Applications, Python Programming

Research Interest: Quantitative finance, finance and technology

Dr REN Jing

Lecturer, School of Business

Editorial Assistant, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

Courses: Text mining, Association and clustering, Predictive modeling

Research Interest: Business intelligence, data mining, AI & blockchain

Dr Carmen SHIH Chia Mei

Senior Lecturer, Finance Programme

Courses: International Finance, Fixed Income Securities

Research Interest: Corporate Finance: Blockchain Technology, Fintech, Capital Structure, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Cash Flow Policies and Employee Compensation.


Head, Doctor of Business Administration Programme, School of Business

Oversees the DBA Programme

Courses: Marketing in the Digital Age, Internet and Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics

Research Interest: Social media, social impact of technology

Dr. WANG Zhiguo

Lecturer, School of Business

Courses: Machine Learning and AI for FinTech. Essentials of Financial Management. Python for Data Analytics

Research Interest: FinTech & Blockchain. Machine Learning and AI. Digital Currency. Operations Research

Dr. XU Weibiao

Lecturer, School of Business

Courses: Essentials of Financial Management, Financial Management, Game Theory and Design Thinking

Research Interest: FinTech & blockchain, Empirical Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance

Mr ZHANG Jincheng

Web3 Researcher

Ms LIM Jie Mun


Ms YANG HuanHuan

Assistant Manager

Ms Carol YAP Siew Peng

Centre Manager

Ms Jocelyn Yu

Marketing Lead