Applying Artificial Intelligence in Finance


Due to unforeseen circumstances, this workshop has been postponed to a later date. We will update soon when the new dates are fixed. Thank you for your interest and understanding!

19-20 Nov 2020 (Thu-Fri)
9am to 5:30pm | Online Workshop

In this two-day course, we will break down the complexities behind AI and learn how to frame AI problems and guide its implementation. The course will feature an analysis of the recent Bank of England survey of machine learning in finance, explore case studies in finance, build simple machine learning models in Excel and culminate the development of ideas and plans for new products that leverage AI.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to be the most disruptive class of technologies in the next ten years. According to Gartner Inc., AI-derived business value is forecast to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022. Little wonder then that Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a key part of finance professionals’ toolkit, and an essential topic to understand at its impacts on the world around us. Yet, to many people in the finance world, AI is the exclusive domain of people with well-developed mathematics and computer science skills. Our goal is to tackle this misapprehension and make AI accessible to all.

We will explore real-world case studies across a range of finance scenarios including credit scoring, insurance claims partitioning, customer segmentation, predicting interest rate rises, predicting interest rate values, predicting the value of stocks, finding market drivers and predicting market movements.

The course will demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of AI with examples of how forward-thinking organisations are using it, and an analysis of the recent Bank of England survey of Machine Learning in Finance. A key feature of the course is practical work, and participants will have the opportunity to build simple Machine Learning models in Excel. They will have the option to progress to basic Python Machine Learning experiments.

The course will demystify key concepts, models, and deployment options. For example, concepts such as weights & biases, Deep Learning and Explainable AI (XAI); models such as SVC, ARIMA and PCA; and deployment options such as cloud, proprietary and open source. 


Knowledge and Understanding

  • Describe how artificial intelligence (AI) evolved and how it is applied across industries and use case scenarios
  • Discuss the implications of AI for the world of finance
  • Examine potential AI-driven changes in an organisation

Key Skills

  • Assess AI projects in an organisation
  • Choose the optimal data, model, process, and AI implementation method
  • Compose an AI implementation plan

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Mike Lloyd

After a long and successful career at Microsoft, Mike Lloyd founded, a company dedicated to democratising Deep Tech, and helping people develop technical, scientific, mathematics, engineering and business knowledge and skills. now has customers for its products and services in UK, Singapore, China and Australia.

Mike started his career in automotive engineering, taught Technology at the Open University, then worked at Microsoft for 13 years before founding his current business. His experience spans the full spectrum of technology – from AI to Zero Emissions solutions. provides custom Deep Tech learning and technology solutions to organisations such as Pearson, Intel, Microsoft, ARM, BBC, Bankers Lab, Singapore Science Centre, RM Plc, Box Hill Institute, Burges Salmon, and Nord Anglia Plc

The organisation includes partners in Asia, and “Deep Tech Task Force” – a team of interns focussed on simplifying a wide range of aspects of Deep Tech from Neural Networks, to FinTech, to Law and Public Policy.

Mike is the author of the “AI Demystified”, “AI for Retail Banking”, and “Machine Learning Maths and Modelling” courses. He has delivered keynote speeches across the world on a range of technology related subjects, and has worked at senior level in over 30 countries.

Ian Myles
CEO & Founder, Area 51

A world-class designer and technologist, Ian Myles has 20 years’ experience at the cutting edge of the technology world in Silicon Valley. Ian’s design work has won 4 IDSA awards, and he has several patents to his name. His success as a designer lead to him running the Silicon Valley offices for top industrial design group, Frog. His design work includes a children’s phone and an ATM solution for Disney.

Ian went on to run an advanced concept facility for Motorola in San Francisco and shipped Motorola’s first 3G products. Senior level experience includes Head of Payments at SingTel, Singapore. Ian also incubated in-house Mobile payments solutions for JP Morgan Chase in Silicon Valley. After this, Ian was funded by Citibank Ventures to build NFC wallets – based on m.e.e.p. (Mobile Exchange Electronic Payments) technology.


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