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Sustainability and Green Bitcoin Mining

May 31, 2023

Are you curious about the captivating realm of Bitcoin mining and how it intertwines with energy markets? We have an exciting seminar lined up on green bitcoin mining and its intricate relationship with energy markets.

This seminar will be conducted in English and held on Zoom.

Seminar Highlights:

  1. High-Level Introduction to Bitcoin Mining: Gain a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts behind Bitcoin mining, including proof-of-work, blockchain validation, and the mining process itself.
  2. Interaction with Energy Markets: Delve into the fascinating connection between Bitcoin mining and energy markets, examining the challenges, opportunities, and potential disruptions caused by mining operations.
  3. Sustainable Energy Solutions: Explore the innovative initiatives undertaken by Iris Energy, a leading player in the Bitcoin mining industry. Discover how Iris Energy leverages sustainable energy sources to power their mining operations, fostering both environmental and financial sustainability.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a technology enthusiast, or an energy market aficionado, this seminar promises to broaden your understanding of the dynamic relationship between Bitcoin mining and the energy sector.

Speaker Profile

Lincoln Tan leads the investor relations function at Iris Energy. He has over 10 years’ experience across corporate finance, digital infrastructure and technology. Prior to joining Iris Energy, Lincoln worked at Cars24 Australia, Interactive and Macquarie Capital. Lincoln is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.

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