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Blockchain Infrastructure, Inclusion and Security 区块链基础架构、普惠与安全

May 28, 2019


Join us in a discussion with Mr Henry Wang, President of SmartMesh Foundation and IBAF, on how blockchain connects the disconnected and banks the unbanked. Also, hear from Mr Ziyang Gao, CMO of Beosin, on recent hot issues related to blockchain security to prevent undesirable consequences caused by data breach.

This meetup will be conducted in English.

Programme Details

1400 Speech on “How Blockchain Connect those Unconnected” (in Mandarin)
Henry Wang
1430 Speech on “HyperMesh: The Next Generation IT Infrastructure Architecture”
Peter Yan
1500 Demo
1520 Tea break
1540 Speech on “Blockchain Security & Recent Related Hot Events” (in Mandarin)
Ziyang Gao
1630 Speech on “Financial Inclusion and Education Connecting 1B People – The SBX social banking experience”
Shane Hermans
1700 Discussion & Networking

Speaker Profiles

Mr. Henry Wang
President & CEO, the SmartMesh Foundation
President, the International Federation of Blockchain applications (IBAF)

Henry Wang’s mission is to build a complete Internet of Value ecosystem using SmartMesh’s ( peer-to-peer connectivity applications between smart phones and smart devices. An interplanetary, distributed and self-organized mobile mesh network is being constructed by SmartMesh to support a wide array of next generation edge computing, edge storage, and edge intelligence applications. To this end, Henry Wang created IBAF and UCCO to promote global Blockchain technology and applications; and serves as adviser to several Blockchain associations to enhance International cooperation.
After receiving his master’s degree in Physics from Peking University in 1999, Wang obtained a full scholarship for a Doctorate of Astronomy and Physics degree at Northwestern University in the United States. In 2000, Wang Qiheng transferred to Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a Doctoral degree in Computer Science. During his doctoral studies, Mr. Wang served as a core development member and director of business development for Erlang Technology in the United States. In 2006, Henry Wang left school and worked on several business, leading to the formation of the SmartMesh Foundation in Singapore, to realize his dream of the exchange of information and value without boundaries (Internet of Value). In April, 2018, Silicon valley IT magazine APAC CIO Outlook named SmartMesh among the world’s top 10 blockchain technology solution providers for 2018. Henry Wang is a Thought Leader in the global Blockchain field and a world renowned technical expert. His research and development projects cover Internet Protocol, Blockchain, Chip design, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, and Internet of Everything.

Dr. Peter Yan
CTO, MeshBox Foundation

Dr. Peter Yan received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, in the area of ASIC implementation of packet switching architectures for Internet Routers.  Peter has 25 years of experience with Wired and Wireless Networking, Mesh Networking, System-on-Chip (SoCs), Network-on-Chip (NoC), and Real-time Scheduling for Baseband Cellular communications, including 5G applications.  He was recently the Interconnect Architect of Huawei American Wireless 5G Baseband SoC group and Senior Engineer specializing in Interconnect Networks and real-time scheduling between thousands of Tasks executing on Multi-Core CPUs.  Peter also worked for Huawei’s Networking BU on the NE5000 Core Router Switch Fabric ASICs.     Previously, Peter was Principle-Scientist at Broadcom, with the Enterprise Switching Business-Unit, specifying next generation Ethernet Switches ASICs.Peter was also Systems Architect, in the Business Development and Strategy Group, at Freescale Semiconductor.  Here Peter worked on Network-Processing-Unit (NPU) ASICs for embedded and IoT applications. In conjunction with LG Electronics and NEC, Peter started his career as CTO at Erlang, an ASIC Startup company which sold Switch Fabric ASICs to Korean Telecom for use in the Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS40) Router. Recently, Peter has been focusing on incentivized Mesh Networking and Content Delivery, self-sustainable Internet of Value Infrastructure, and real-time scheduling of Transactive Energy.  Peter is excited to join the SmartMesh / MeshBox team to leverage the uniquely qualified SMT and MESH tokens to realize an Off-Internet, Off-Chain, and Off-Grid infrastructure, which enable Micro-Grids, Mesh-based Device-to-Device Communications, Unbanked Commerce, Transactive IoT, and the emerging EnerNet (Energy Internet).

Mr. Ziyang Gao
CMO, Beosin (Lian’An Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu)

LLM of Guangxi University; B.A. of Complutense University of Madrid.
* Stepped into the field of blockchain technology at year 2012.
* Initiated the Spanish Bitcoin Forum.
* Got involved in multiple investment and incubation management programs.
* Member of the United Labs Venture Capital.

Mr. Shane Hermans
CEO & Founder, Geniusto International Ltd

Shane has a strong history within the technology sector, from the early mid 90’s working with companies such as Telstra, Citec and OzeCorp on the forefront of technology innovation in Australia he has spent over 20 years working in Software Solutions and Project Management. He excelled in all areas of business with a core focus on International Marketing, Project Management, International Business Development and Innovation.For the past five years Shane has worked closely with leading European financial tech companies, to assist in opening new global business opportunities within Banking, Healthcare and Telecommunications sectors. With his combined experience across multiple sectors, Shane is now leading a strong team as the CEO of Geniusto, a smart technology enabler focussed on digital transformation, financial inclusion, financial literacy and leveraging emerging fintechnologies for good throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

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