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April 27, 2017

Cyber-security is not always about esoteric, scary, big-heist cases like what we see in the media reports and in movies, though such a likelihood is not zero. But cyber-security is not always about the bad guys, hackers or malware. Neither is it about technology. There is a clear human factor as well (hence the concept of “social engineering”).

How and why do they succeed in breaking into our network and/or spilling our data in the first place? Are we missing something or doing something to inadvertently let them? We can never be 100% secure (short of cutting the electricity or signal) but we need to go about our business, so how do we best achieve optimal balance between security and productivity, by having a baseline cyber-security posture, hygiene and governance? What do we look out for to do so?

The second half of Day 2 of the course treats the participants to a live demo of some of the hacker’s typical tricks and techniques, on some of the various IT domains, e.g., network and applications, beginning with various information-gathering and reconnaissance processes. The purpose is to make the course participants aware of such risks so as to try to minimize them. (It’s not all about technology.)

Course Outline

Instructor’s Profile

Anthony LIM
Cloud Security Alliance
Anthony Lim is pioneer and veteran in the Asia Pacific cyber-security space, with over 20 years’ professional experience as a business leader, advocate, consultant, auditor and instructor. He has helmed inaugural Asia Pacific security business units at IBM, CA Technologies, Check Point and a few other US vendors. He has been involved in building, advocating and teaching of two international professional technical certifications (for application development security and cloud security), helped build and teach professional and academic program modules for cyber-security management and policy for some higher education institutions, and conducts trainings for staff of government, financial and other organizations, in Singapore and the region.Anthony is a long-time well-known speaker, instructor and content provider for many business, industry, government and academic conferences, workshops, courses, executive roundtables, committees and media (print, broadcast, internet). He is interviewed often in press and TV news (including CNBC and BBC), and has presented at Stanford, TsingHua, NATO, Washington DC and ITU seminars, on associated matters like IT policy, governance, smart cities and cloud securities.He also holds an MBA, ITIL certification, 3 other international technical cyber-security professional certifications and is an ISO-27001 lead auditor. He is a life alumni member of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Anthony is a Singapore Director of international non-profit NGO Cloud Security Alliance and a Principal Consultant for Asia Pacific for American security solutions vendor Fortinet Inc.
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