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Fintech and Blockchain for Inclusion Seminar

November 28, 2016

28 Nov 2016 (Mon) | SUSS SR B.2.17 

With the recent launch of Zcash and many Initial Coin Offerings, there is a lot of interest in Blockchain as a new alternative investment class known as digital asset. Ant Financial, Zhong An Insurance and the Chinese Government have all declared blockchain as an important technology for social enterprises, microinsurance and international payments. Meantime, financial institutions are spending resources in developing decentralised ledgers and permissioned blockchain. The Chinese has been successful in scaling their social enterprises such as Alibaba, Alipay and Zhong An that serve the large underserved segment of the population. With One Belt One Road, Internet Plus and Blockchain strategies, the Chinese will be expanding offshore with their USD2.1t reserves, powered by their inclusive policies. Collectively, the technology that enables the success of these social enterprises are known as InclusiveTech. This panel discussion will focus on the pros and cons of the blockchain technology, what it is capable of, and what business models will succeed. The important question is whether blockchain or a subset of the blockchain technology belongs to the class of InclusiveTech that increases the chances of success of enterprises.

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Programme Details

1630Opening Speech by Guest of Honour
1640Panel Discussion
“Is Blockchain Inclusive Fintech?”Panel Members:
– Mr Andras Kristof (Chief Technology Officer, Yojee Ltd.)
– Mr Roy Lai (Director, InfoCorp Technologies Pte. Ltd.)
– Ms Juanita Woodward (Principal, Connecting the Dots)
– Mr Antony Lewis (Director of Research, R3 CEV)
– Ms Debbie Watkins (Managing Director, APMEA at Fern Software)
– Dr Adrian Yeow (Senior Lecturer, UniSIM School of Business)
– [Chair] Professor David LEE Kuo Chuen (Professor, UniSIM School of Business)
1740Coffee & Networking Session
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