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FinTech Innovation Ecosystem​

March 22, 2018

This is a highly interactive workshop with mini lectures, role-plays and vibrant group discussions. The return on the investment is that participants will gain knowledge of how start-ups think, and consider whether they intend to create their own start-up or engage with start-ups in the FinTech ecosystem. Senior managers, professionals and advisors interested in understanding the FinTech Start-up Ecosystem and the start-ups’ approach to building and growing companies are encouraged to attend.

Course Outline

Instructor’s Profile

Ian Myles
Co-founder & CEO, Area 51
Ian is a designer-developer by training and has lived & worked in London, San Francisco & Singapore. He ran the frog designs office in Singapore before being relocated to its HQ in Silicon Valley where he built numerous award-winning products and some of the earliest PC- and Mac-based Tablets and ATMs for Disney. He has run facilities for Motorola & built cell phones & Smart phones from scratch. His first foray into mobile payments was funded by Citibank to build NFC & mobile wallets, after which he served as VP Technology Director at JP Morgan Chase in Silicon Valley. He was recently Head of Payments at SingTel in Singapore.
Anish Srivastava
Founder & CEO, Vinaj
Anish Srivastava is the founder and CEO of Vinaj, a management consulting services firm providing highly specialized services in commercially viable innovation strategy and execution to Fortune 500 clients as well as start-ups. He serves as a board member and has advisory roles in a number of organizations. Anish is a well-respected speaker, consultant and advisor to start-ups, with a passion for what’s next in the exciting digital world across industries.Most recently, he was leading Citi Ventures’ Global Lab Network & Accelerators and, before that, he was a key leader in JP Morgan Chase’s Digital Customer Experience & Innovation organization. Prior to this, Anish held various senior & executive positions at start-ups (such as Egreetings, Geodesic, and Lexy), pioneering new consumer-facing mobile services. He also spent 6 years at Orange, initially building the mobile innovation practice in Silicon Valley, and then driving strategic partnerships in London as Director of Business Development. Early in his career, he was part of the development team that built BofA’s first online banking website and first credit card website.Anish graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Computer Science and French. His interests include soccer, running, movies, and travel with his family.
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