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GAI and ChatGPT: Global Overview and Future of Work

May 16, 2023


A speech by Prof David Lee Kuo Chuen – the Chairman of Global Fintech Institute and a professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences – on Generative AI (GAI) which is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on generating original and creative content rather than simply processing and analyzing existing data.

Prof Lee talks about potential application of GAI, ethical concerns and its potential social impacts. Watch now to understand more!


The Global Fintech Institute (GFI), is a global professional credentialing body dedicated to creating greater collaboration, advocacy, ethics and knowledge for all Fintech professionals. GFI and SUSS have collaborated to jointly develop and offer the Chartered Fintech Professional (CFtP) qualification since 2020. It aims to empower members and the community to leverage Fintech for growth and transformation, through engaging the community in the latest trends, issues and development in Fintech

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