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Introduction to QTUM and Underlying Technologies

June 23, 2018

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the backbone technologies of blockchain or a software developer who aspires to build your own Dapps, this is the course for you. QTUM co-founder Patrick and several experienced QTUM developers will lead you through a series of courses that describe the backbone technologies, innovation and use cases of QTUM, a leading blockchain platform that combines the merits of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will also get hands-on experience building smart contracts and creating your own Dapps.

The two-day workshop will begin with a general introduction to blockchain and QTUM from a business perspective. We will then dive deeper into the underlying technologies of QTUM, including the UTXO model, Hash, cryptography, consensus and algorithm. After gaining an overall understanding of the underlying technology, you will learn more about QTUM’s specific codes and end Day 1 with an introduction to the security issues related to blockchain in general.

Day 2 begins with an introduction to Solidity, EVM and QTUM’s X86 virtual machine, followed by two hands-on coding sessions where participants can learn to run qtumd with docker, transfer funds, deploy a simple smart contract and interact with the contract via RPC. It will be followed by another exciting session where participants can learn to deploy an ERC20 token contract. We will end the two-day workshop with another session on security and testing of QTUM.

This course emphasizes the technology of blockchain. Participants should have at least a basic understanding of blockchain and preferably coding experiences. Personal laptops will be required – please bring your own.

Course Outline

Instructor’s Profile

Patrick Dai
Co-founder, Qtum
Patrick graduated from Draper University and dropped out of his doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Patrick was previously employed by Alibaba, and is committed to blockchain technology development, with abundant blockchain industry development experience.
Wenbin Zhong
Core Development Engineer, Qtum
Wenbin Zhong graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a Masters of Information and Communication System. He is proficient in C/C ++ programming on Linux, GDB debugging, familiar with data structures and algorithms, has JAVA/Shell/Tcl knowledge and experience, and 4 years of experience in large-scale software development. Wenbin has known Bitcoin since 2013 and has even mined cryptocurrency.
Howard Ye
Lead DApp Platform Engineer, Qtum
Howard is the author of “Deep Dive Into Ethereum Virtual Machine,” a book dissecting the inner workings of Solidity and Ethereum. He is currently the Lead DApp Platform Engineer for QTUM, developing tools and libraries to create decentralized applications. Howard has 10 years of product and engineering experience in the startup world, and is passionate about building products that counter the centralizing tendencies of the old web.
David Jaenson
Developer, Qtum
David’s interest in Bitcoin and blockchain tech started in 2013. He has previously worked on several startups and has interned at Nasdaq. He recently completed his Master’s thesis in distributed systems at Lund University.
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