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June 8 – The Next Evolution of IoT for The Web3 Ecosystem

May 18, 2023

Join us in our next workshop “The Next Evolution IoT for the Web3 Ecosystem” as Leo Lin, founder of Arkreen, delves into the fascinating world of IoT and blockchain, and explains why integrating these cutting-edge technologies leads to remarkable results. With around 20 years of diverse experiences in IoT and digital security, Leo Lin – an influential leader and advocate for integrated innovation in DePIN and ReFi, works actively in propelling the global ecosystem forward.

Explore real-life examples of blockchain and IoT and how they create value. Leo will also be sharing insights on how to design a successful DePIN project from start to end. Lastly, get ready to bring home a firsthand introduction to the groundbreaking DePIN model, its leading projects, and exciting future prospects.

Join us now and unlock the potential of the DePIN model!

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