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How China Digitises Buildings & Creates New Digital Rails to Tokenise Everything

June 09, 2021

How China Digitises Buildings & Creates New Digital Rails to Tokenise Everything

9 to 10 Jun 2021 (Wed – Thu) | 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Online Workshop via Zoom

Course Outline

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In this 2-day course, we will look at the rapidly evolving role of “prop tech” in China from many practical angles and study the companies which are blazing new trails. They are taking their cue from smart high-level policies in China aimed at digitizing 500 cities, creating digital rails that can handle both crypto and central bank coins to fund a digitized economy as well as new Blockchain-based systems via BSN that reinvent finance and insurance. The companies we will analyze are revolutionizing the digitization of properties in ports and logistics, office, urban and suburban living. Alibaba is automating urban planning. Ping An is creating a fully digitized healthcare system. DingTalk, WeChat and Lark are the train stations to create total digital connectivity to all SME services and finance. Smaller companies like Xcool, Kuban, Wifipix, 9am, Geohey, Gisuni.

We will also conclude with the way in which the US could respond as it tries to roll out smart city initiatives to catch up. This course will be useful to entrepreneurs looking to inspiration, professionals looking for competitive analysis, and investors looking for partners.

Instructor’s Profile

Paul Schulte
Founder, Schulte Research

Paul Schulte is the founder of Schulte Research, set up in 2012 researching financial institutions and financial technology.

He has spent 3 decades in research on financials. He has worked for all 3 branches of the US government, including the NSC at the White House. He currently teaches in 3 universities, has written 6 books and authored hundreds of articles. He has worked for the Number 1 investment bank from US, UK, Japan, China & Switzerland starting in 1990. He has taught on 5 continents. His focus is technological change in banks & insurance. He has been a source for the WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Nikkei, FT, Economist, Barron’s and Forbes. His clients include some of the largest sovereign, pension, mutual and hedge funds globally. His latest book is “The Digital Transformation of Property in Greater China: Finance, 5G, AI, and Blockchain (2021)”.

He is also the author of “AI & Quantum Computing For Finance & Insurance: Fortunes And Challenges For China And America (2019)” and “The Next Revolution in our Credit Driven Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology (2015)”.

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