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The Past, Present and Future of Mining

July 25, 2018

25 Jul 2018 | 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm | SUSS LT 2.17A

Mining, digital currency, decentralization and blockchain technology have already become global trendy words. What is mining, how does it work, why is it important, and where does it take us?

Mr. Gordon Ao, CEO of Innosilicon, is here to answer all these questions. Founded in 2006, Innosilicon is a global provider of advanced chip technology and one-stop leader in blockchain multi-currency miners, chips and IPs. Innosilicon’s crypto miners and ASICs are proven unsurpassed in performance and it reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Coinmint, the world’s largest digital currency mining center. As the only major crypto ASIC company that is actively promoting ASIC customization model to serve customer demand, Innosilicon intends to make all its crypto mining ASIC widely available to support blockchain decentralization.

For the workshop, Mr. Gordon Ao will give a worldwide view of mining, its past, present and future. He will share his experience and unique insights, explaining why digital currency will play an important role going forward. A new future awaits us to discover its true potential. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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