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The Rise of Chinese FinTech

March 15, 2017

15 May 2017 | 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm | SUSS LT B.2.17

“Financial Technology” (FinTech) refers to the use of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other advanced technology to help enhance the efficiency of the financial services and the model of operation. In recent years, with China’s supportive government policy and resources provided towards this industry, FinTech companies are growing at an incredible pace and Chinese FinTech development is leading the world

What is the current status of the FinTech companies in China? What are the relevant policies and regulations? How will these companies maintain their growth in future? Join our discussions to learn more about the new trends in the development of China’s FinTech industry.

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1800Dinner & Networking
1900Presentation by Xiao Sia

“Regulations, Blockchain and E-Reminb”

1930Panel Discussion on “The Rise of Chinese FinTech”
– Anson Zeall (ACCESS Singapore)
– Ding Ding (Singapore University of Social Sciences)
– Guan Chong (Singapore University of Social Sciences)
– Wang Bing Ling (ICBC Singapore)
– Xiao Sa (Beijing Dacheng)
– Chair: Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen (Singapore University of Social Sciences)
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