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Tokenisation: the Engine or the Fuel?

November 23, 2022

How are assets represented today? What does asset tokenisation actually mean? Has the prediction of “Software Eating the World” been realised? Or is there another wave of disruption to come?

Will there be new asset classes? What will be the impact to the existing asset ecosystem? What are the lessons we can learn from history and how can we apply them to tokenisation?

We will be also sharing some insights on Project Guardian – the recently announced MAS collaborative initiative with the financial industry that seeks to test the feasibility of applications in asset tokenisation and DeFi while managing risks to financial stability and integrity.

Speaker Profile:

Rajeev studied Chemical Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences at Pilani in India. After developing technology solutions for financial services across India, Japan and Singapore, he then pursued his interest to work in the intersection of many things by completing an MBA with the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. He will distill his experience of working in the engine rooms of capital markets across Asia to unpack the impact of tokenisation in the present and the future.

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