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WeChat Pay Overseas Partner Conference · Singapore

March 26, 2018

WeChat Pay Overseas Partner Conference • Singapore

The public debut of WeChat Pay team in Singapore

March 26th, 2018 | 1.00p.m. – 5.00p.m. | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, the 3rd floor, Island Ballroom

Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore

What payment and marketing capabilities does WeChat provide for overseas merchants?

As Singaporean merchants, how to better attract and serve Chinese tourists by using WeChat?

WeChat Pay Overseas Partner Conference – Singapore, hosted by WeChat Pay, will be held at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, 3rd Floor, Island Ballroom, 1.00p.m. – 5.00p.m., March 26th 2018.


● Official team:

WeChat Pay official team’s first time in Singapore to explain cross border payment solutions – WeChat Pay, Cards & Offers, Officials Accounts, etc. and help the Singaporean merchants to serve Chinese tourists more effectively.

● Successful cases:

Case studies of local best practice

● On-site interaction:

Official team to answer questions and explore business opportunities together.

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