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Will the East and West Digital World Split in Two?

July 24, 2019

Policy Implications for Entrepreneurs, Corporates and Governments

In this 2-day course, we will examine the ways in which China is pursuing legitimate alternatives to financial arrangements traditionally controlled by the West. These include SWIFT, cloud, quantum communications and computing, multi-national lending, development aid, 5G, and payments. We will explore and offer opinions about expected outcomes in a digital clash of civilisations. This has important implications for staffing and balance sheet management for banks and insurance, strategic planning for corporations, long term planning for governments, and lending allocation for multilateral institutions. The intersection of this is 5G and control of digitalisation — it’s all about fintech.

Instructor’s Profile

Paul Schulte
Founder and Editor, Schulte Research

Paul Schulte is founder of Schulte Research, set up in 2012 researching financial institutions and financial technology.

He has spent 3 decades in research on financials. He has worked for all 3 branches of US government, including the NSC at the White House. He currently teaches in 3 universities, has written 5 books and authored hundreds of articles. He has worked for the Number 1 investment bank from US, UK, Japan, China and Switzerland starting in 1990. He has taught on 5 continents. His focus is technological change in banks and insurance. He has been a source for the WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Nikkei, FT, Economist, Barron’s and Forbes.

His clients include some of the largest sovereign, pension, mutual and hedge funds globally. He is the author of “The Next Revolution in Our Credit Driven Economy”.

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