Singapore University of Social Sciences

GIBC 2018 – 18 Apr – SUSS – Main Session

[Opening Speech] Prof Tsui Kai Chong, Provost, SUSS
[欢迎辞] 新跃社科大学 常务部副校长 徐继宗教授

[Speech] A/P Lee Pui Mun, Dean, School of Business, SUSS
[演讲] 新跃社科大学商学院 院长 李沛珉副教授

[Panel Discussion] Inclusive FinTech (Chinese) 普惠金融科技(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Inclusive Blockchain – The Young Founders under 28 (Chinese) 青年创始人(中文)

[Speech] Peng Wu, Primas “Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol” (Chinese)
[演讲] 分布式可信内容协议,Primas 吴鹏先生(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Blockchain, Regtech and Fintech (Chinese) 区块链,监管科技与金融科技(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Future Areas of Research and Applications (Chinese) 未来的研究与应用领域(中文)

[Keynote Speech] Mr. Clay Lin, World Bank Group on “WBG Blockchain Agenda” (Chinese)
[主题演讲] 世界银行集团的区块链议程,世界银行集团Clay Lin先生(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Stable Coins, Dapps and Open Blockchain (Chinese) 价格稳定的加密货币,Dapps 和开放式区块链(中文)

[Panel Discussion] What Standards are Needed? (Chinese) 区块链所需要制定的标准(中文)

[Speech] Dejun Qian, FUSION

[Speech] Charlie Xu, Hashgard on “From DAICO to Hashgard” (Chinese)
[演讲] 从DAICO到Hashgard, Hashgard 许超逸先生 (中文)

[Panel Discussion] Security, Identity and Hacking (Chinese) 信息安全与黑客(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Decentralizing Risk Management (Chinese) 去中心化风险管理(中文)

[Panel Discussion] Where Regulation Should Go from Here? (Chinese) 监管应该何去何从?(中文)
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