Singapore University of Social Sciences

GIBC 2018 – 18 Apr – SUSS Parallel Session 2 (AM & PM)

[Panel Discussion] Investment, Insurance and Inclusion (English) 投资与普惠保险(英文)

[Panel Discussion] Young Influencers from SUSS (English) 跃大青年影响者(英文)

[Panel Discussion] Zero Knowledge, Sharding and Offchain (English) 零知识证明、分片与链下交易(英文)

[Panel Discussion] Security, Identity and Hacking (English) 信息安全与黑客(英文)

[Panel Discussion] AI and Big Data (English) 人工智能与大数据(英文)

[Panel Discussion] Inclusive FinTech (English) 普惠金融科技(英文)

[Speech] by Diego Gutierrez, RSK (English)

[Panel Discussion] Inclusive Blockchain – The Female Founders (English) 女性创始人(英文)

[Speech] Larry Liu, Genaro on “Reflections on the Past and Future Prospects of Blockchain Technology” [区块链技术的反思与展望] (Chinese)