Hands-on Lab with Multichain

There is nothing like learning blockchain by mastering Bitcoin or its variant such as multichain. Multichain is a fork and by attending this course, it will give the attendees a strong foundation in the architecture, its layers and the flexibility. After this course, you should be able to understand how to fork a new blockchain, how you fork it to your specific use, and more importantly, the risk involved. It will demystify what blockchain is and have your own independent assessment of some of the variants of Bitcoin in the market. This is a course not to be missed if you are confused by the hype in the market.

Course Objectives

A. Knowledge and Understanding (Theory Component)

  • Understand the key concepts of Bitcoin protocol:
    • Bitcoin Keys, Address and Wallet structure
    • Bitcoin Transaction and Block structure
    • Bitcoin Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol
    • Bitcoin Protocol Parameters (eg. Block Size, Block Time, Difficulty, etc.)
    • Bitcoin Programming using Script programming language
  • Understand the differences between a Private Blockchain vs Public Blockchain
  • Understand the key concepts of Multichain
    • permissions management
    • native asset
    • data stream
  • Gain an appreciation for applying private blockchain to solving real world problems

B. Key Skills (Practical Component)

  • Set up and manage a private and permissioned blockchain network
  • Manage and transact in native assets
  • Manage and use streams
  • Develop applications using Multichain API

Course Agenda

The agenda of the two-day course can be found here.


The registration link can be found on the Fintech and Blockchain Programming Workshops page.

Instructor’s Profile

Director, Infocorp Technologies

Roy Lai is the founder of InfoCorp Technologies. InfoCorp was founded in 2015 specializing in the use of private blockchains for decentralised inter-bank payment solutions. Roy has 20 years of technology experience and brings with him a wealth of domain expertise spanning a wide range of industries from FMCG, logistics, investment banking and inter-bank payments. For a large part of his career, Roy was involved in working for multi-national corporations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Brunswick and Procter & Gamble.

Other Professional and Industry Experience
Roy is an expert in national interbank payment rails and was technical project director for Singapore’s FAST network – a nation-wide real-time retail payment network involving all major banks in Singapore. He was also a technical consultant to Thailand’s clearing house ITMX in the implementation of their national payment project called PromptPay in 2016.

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