Media Release

ZB_2019_07_15 5 July 2019
新加坡联合早报 (link)
yangguang_interview 21 June 2019
李国权 新加坡区块链领军人物
阳光卫视 (link1-Youtube)(link2-Tencent)(link3-Youku)
ZB_2018_09_12 12 September 2018
新加坡联合早报 (link)
ZB_2018_05_15b 15 May 2018
Gearing Up for the Digital Economy
The Business Times (link)
ZB_2018_05_15a 15 May 2018
走在未来趋势前沿 培育科技经济人才
新加坡联合早报 (link)
ZB_2018_05_13a 13 May 2018
新加坡联合早报 (link)
BizTime_2018_05_03 3 May 2018
Delving deeper blockchain
The Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference shed more light on the various issues surrounding blockchain technology
The Business Times (link)
BizTime_2018_05_02 2 May 2018
Decoding blockchain technology
Industry experts share key insights
at the first-ever bilingual blockchain conference in Singapore

The Business Times (link)
ZB_2018_04_25 25 April 2018
新加坡联合早报 (link)
ZB_2018_04_24 24 April 2018
新加坡联合早报 (link)
ZB_2018_04_22 22 April 2018
区块链精神“无我” 钻研为“利他”
新加坡联合早报 (link)
BBA_2017_12_04a 4 December 2017
Press Release in response to House of Lords report on Distributed Ledger Technologies
Quotation of Advisory Board Member Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen
British Blockchain Association (link)
Mint_2017_11_30 30 November 2017
The basic nuts and bolts of bitcoin
by Vivina Vishwanathan
Mint (link)
Mint_2017_11_06 6 November 2017
All you wanted to know about bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency
by Vivina Vishwanathan
Mint (link)
IMDA_2017_11_03a 3 November 2017
David Lee: Serve the underserved
by April Zara Chua
Info-communication Media Development Authority (link)
STK_2017_10_09 9 October 2017
An interview with David LEE Kuo Chuen, Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at the Singapore University of Social Science
An Interview with David LEE Kuo Chuen by STACK
Medium (link)
Mint_2017_07-25 25 July 2017
Blockchain could play a key role in financial inclusion in India: David Lee Kuo Chuen
by Vivina Vishwanathan
Mint (link)
EFR_2016_06_23a 23 June 2016
The FinTech Promise
by David LEE Kuo Chuen
The European Financial Review (link)
ZB_2016_05_18 18 May 2016
Wealth Management at the Bottom of the Pyramid
联合早报 (link)
ST_2016_02_13a 13 February 2016
How the Internet is Democratizing Global Finance
by David LEE Kuo Chuen and Christopher Dula
The Straits Times (link)
BizTime_2015_12 December 2015
A Silicon Valley State of Mind: Smart, Open and Disruptive
Commentary by Leon Hadar
The Business Times (link)
ESS_2015_11 November 2015
The LASIC Principle: The Rise of Internet Finance
An Interview with David Lee Kuo Chuen by Economics and Society
Economic Society of Singapore, World Scientific (link)
Lasic Finance_2015_10_15 15 October 2015
The Rise of Lasic Finance
Keynote Speech “Innovation in Financial Services” Conference streamed from Silicon Valley to Singapore (link)
ZB_2015_08_03b 3 August 2015
One Belt One Road and a Single Financial Net
新加坡联合早报 (link)
FST_2015_07_14 14 July 2015
How digital currencies will shape the payments space in 2020
An interview with David Lee Kuo Chuen by Daniel Paperny
FST Media (link)
ZB_2015_05_15a 15 May 2015
The Social Aspect of Digital Financial Inclusion
新加坡联合早报 (link)