Undergraduate Programme

Minor in Financial Technology

The 40-cu Minor in Financial Technology (FinTech) in the School of Business will provide applicants with a skill set in the area of financial technology to level up their capabilities to meet the needs of the changing finance industry landscape. It comprises 6 compulsory courses (30 cu) and 2 elective courses (10 cu), and it will be offered from July 2018 semester.

Compulsory – Level 2 (10 CU)
FIN201 Financial Mathematics
ANL201 Data Visualisation for Business
Compulsory – Level 3 (20 CU)
FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations
FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance
FIN387 Financial Cryptography
BUS362 IT-Enabled Business Transformation
Elective – Level 3 (Choose any 2 courses, 10 CU)
FIN301 Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets
FIN303 Financial Management
FIN381 Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance
MKT360 Internet & Social Media Marketing
ANL251 Python Programmming
ANL303 Fundamentals of Data Mining