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GFI and AMTD Foundation awards scholarships and sets up Professional Council

December 23, 2020

GFI and AMTD Foundation awards the AMTD-GFI SpiderNet scholarship to 20 students from SUSS and SUFE to complete the Chartered Fintech Professional (CFtP) qualification with internship in the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem of Fintech firms around the world.

GFI sets up the Professional Council aimed at guiding GFI to offer continuing education programmes for its members.

Press Release

[Source: Global Fintech Institute]

Global Fintech Institute (GFI) and the AMTD Charity Foundation announced today that they awarded the AMTD-GFI SpiderNet scholarships to 20 elite students from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) to complete the Chartered FinTech Professional (CFtP) qualification in a virtual ceremony held last evening.

As part of the scholarship, the students will be offered internship opportunities with leading Fintech firms in Singapore and across the region in leading FinTech and innovative firms that are partmembers of the AMTD SpiderNet. The AMTD SpiderNet is a multi-dimensional and cross-sector ecosystem that is continuously expanding, to connect and promote collaboration between its partners, including clients, shareholders, institutional investors, government bodies, and industry associations.

This scholarship is part of a strategic partnership between GFI and AMTD, which aims at supporting and anchoring the CFtP qualification with industry mentorships, thought leadership and cross-border learning journeys opportunities. The CFtP qualification, a collaborative project by GFI, SUSS and the Shanghai Institute of the International Finance Center (SIIFC) of SUFE, aims to promote the global Fintech sector and raise the level of professionalism within the industry. In addition, the CFtP qualification provides a pathway for professionals from other industries to embark on a career in Fintech. 

GFI has also set up the Professional Council and welcomes Mr He Yifan, Founder and CEO of Red Date Technology, Ms Lisette Cipriano, Senior Digital Technology Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB); Ms Lotte Schou-Zibell, Regional Director of Asian Development Bank (ADB); Professor Pei Sai Fan, Founder of Libai Academy, ex-Director of Banking Supervision at Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and ex-Director of MAS Academy; Professor Timothy Tong, CEO, AMTD Charity Foundation and Chairman of The Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum; Mr Tony Yeoh, CEO of Digital Penang; Ms Wijitleka Marome, Deputy Director of Financial Technology Department at Bank of Thailand and Mr Zhang Yifeng, Director of Zhongchao Blockchain Technology Research Institute (ZCBTRI) to the Professional Council. The Professional Council will guide GFI to offer continuing education programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of its members to meet future challenges.

In addition, GFI welcomes new members to its Academic Council, which includes Professor Benedict Koh, Professor of Finance (Education) and Associate Dean (PG Programmes), Singapore Management University; Professor Sulaeman Johan, Dean’s Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Finance, National University of Singapore and Professor Yougesh Khatri, Associate Professor, Division of Banking & Finance, Nanyang Technological University. The Academic Council is responsible for upholding the academic quality and standards of the CFtP curriculum and the CFtP examinations, as well as approving university degree programmes that qualify for exemptions for some components of the CFtP examinations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has on one hand accelerated the adoption of digital finance, but on the other hand exacerbated the digital divide and exclusion. In the coming two to three years, GFI will be focussing on research and training on new areas like green finance and financial inclusion – to make Fintech inclusive, sustainable and purposeful.


Professor David Lee, Co-Founder and Chairman of GFI, said, “We are thankful to the AMTD Group for supporting and anchoring the Chartered Fintech Professional qualification with scholarships and internships for the young Fintech talents from Singapore and China. Meanwhile, we welcome the new members of the Professional Council, which will guide the Global Fintech Institute and its members with their expertise and knowledge. We are excited to contribute to the global Fintech industry and nurturing young talents who are the future of the workforce.”

Mr Calvin Choi, Chairman and CEO of AMTD Group, Founder of AMTD Charity Foundation, added, “AMTD is proud to be the core strategic partner of GFI and to establish the AMTD-GFI SpiderNet scholarship to support and provide opportunities for outstanding students in Singapore and China. We firmly embrace GFI’s mission to establish a global Fintech talent accreditation standard, and set up a global platform for talents to connect with the global communities. AMTD is committed to grooming the Fintech talents and empowering the Fintech community in Singapore by leveraging our global network and resources, connecting them to the Greater Bay Area, China and globally.”

Dr. Timothy Tong, CEO of AMTD Charity Foundation and Chairman of The Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum, said, “Over the last several years, Fintech has become the new frontier of enabling technology in the financial industry. Various employment surveys have reported severe shortage of Fintech talents. The AMTD-GFI SpiderNet scholarships demonstrate AMTD’s commitment to nurturing talents to support the continued growth of the financial sector.”

Professor Tsui Kai Chong, Provost of SUSS, commented, “Singapore University of Social Sciences is grateful to the Global Fintech Institute (GFI) and the AMTD Charity Foundation for funding  the AMTD-GFI SpiderNet scholarships to assist our students complete the Chartered Fintech Professional qualification. More importantly, our students look forward to the industry attachments and mentorships that AMTD and GFT will provide.”

Professor Zhao Xiaoju, Dean of SIIFC, said, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, “non-contact financial services” based on Fintech are ensuring the basic financial needs of the public and are effectively promoting economic recovery. The future competition of global finance will concentrate on Fintech. Fintech talent becomes particularly important. The market needs Fintech talents who must not only have a cutting-edge Fintech theoretical foundation, but also have practical capabilities. The AMTD scholarship will encourage young talents to participate in the study of Fintech theory as well as the development of Fintech practice. We appreciate AMTD’s strong support for the cultivation of Fintech talents. I hope that more organisations will contribute together. I encourage AMTD scholarship awardees to work harder and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.”

For more information about the organisations or for media queries, please refer to the GFI page [here].

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