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Huawei Cloud: Building the Innovative Infrastructure for Web3 | GWEI 2022 – Singapore

July 29, 2022

On July 14, the first “GWEI 2022 – Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit – Singapore” was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore, co-organized by Singapore’s Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and SUSS Node for Inclusive Financial Technologies (SUSS NiFT), and 8BTC’s new overseas brand “DeFiDAONews”. The summit is title sponsored by OKX, the world’s leading Web3 ecosystem builder.

In the afternoon sessions, Sijukumar Kumaran from Huawei Cloud APAC delivered a speech titled “Everything as a Service: Building a Trusted, Innovative Cloud” to explain Huawei’s promise to lead and help industry practitioners in their Web3 journey.

The speech content is edited by DeFiDAONews as follows:

How do you fuel the transformation and innovation journey to Web3? Cloud is a new normal and includes some of the significant components you need for this innovation journey. The topic today is “Everything as a Service: Building a Trusted, Innovative Cloud”.

We believe that in the intelligent world, the key to digital success is to Think Cloud-Native and Act Cloud-Native. In the future, all devices, sensors, and all things will be connected, and all infrastructure and applications will be cloud-based. When facing the intelligent world, the right strategy should be all-digital, all-cloud, AI-driven, and everything as a service. You have heard a lot of talks today about Web3.0. When you say everything as a service, how is it relevant to the industry right now? Many of these components and innovations, that we are discussing, are all towards consuming services from the cloud. That’s why this tagline is very important. We want to provide you with all these innovations through HUAWEI CLOUD as services.

First is infrastructure as a service. With Huawei’s data centers and acceleration networks all over the world, HUAWEI CLOUD delivers a globally consistent cloud experience, enabling customers to quickly reach markets around the world. Last year, we opened four regions in Kuala Lumpur (Asia Pacific), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Mexico (Latin America), and Ulanqab (China), and more regions are on the way as Indonesia region is launching later this year. We have now have 65 availability zones, covering more than 170 countries through 27 cloud regions.

Second, technology as a service. In 2021, Huawei invested more than CNY130 billion in R&D. Huawei wants to share its technical expertise across many fields to more enterprises so they can leverage Huawei’s technologies to accelerate innovation, without having to invest millions in R&D to “reinvent the wheel.” The previous speaker mentioned CNCF – the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As the only founding member and the first platinum member from Asia in CNCF, HUAWEI CLOUD has been actively contributing to the open-source community and ranks first by committed code among Asian members, which probably you are unaware of. HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to increase investment in the cloud native industry to drive enterprise upgrade in an efficient, agile, intelligent, and secure way, making HUAWEI CLOUD the preferred partner for enterprises to become “new cloud native”.

The QingTian architecture that features software-hardware synergy and all-domain scheduling is the cornerstone for all-in-cloud design and full-stack intelligence. HUAWEI CLOUD innovates on full-stack architecture to build cost-effective cloud services. For example, using bare-metal containers can reduce your costs by 30% and using next-generation computing instances can improve the computing power by 30%, with the packet forwarding rate over 40 million PPS. Thousands of serverless containers can be provisioned within seconds. Consistent experience and unified ecosystem can be achieved through cloud-edge-device collaboration.  

HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure innovates on distributed cloud and cloud native to help industries implement all-in-cloud design and full-stack intelligence. Based on the QingTian architecture, HUAWEI CLOUD delivers efficient, agile, and open cloud-native infrastructure through the distributed cloud to wherever your services run, injecting intelligence into the entire service process.

HUAWEI CLOUD DAYU is a data enablement platform dedicated to transforming enterprise data from resources to assets. It helps large-scale government agencies and companies customize their own intelligent data resource management solutions. This solution can import all-domain data into the data lake, eliminating data silos, unleashing the value of data, and empowering data-driven digital transformation.

HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts is an AI enablement platform. It simplifies AI application development, helping a wide range of industries use AI to improve productivity. ModelArts is a one-stop AI development platform geared toward developers and data scientists of all skill levels. It enables you to rapidly build, train, and deploy models anywhere (from the cloud to the edge), and manage full-lifecycle AI workflows.

Third, expertise as a service. We will work with our partners to distill successful experiences and best practices of digital transformation from different industries into digital assets and share them through HUAWEI CLOUD. We will build industry application and workflow platforms, so we can help customers from different industries leverage digital technologies to accelerate growth.

For example, HUAWEI CLOUD is also behind the Cyberverse AR map service provided in the Dunhuang Mogao Caves. Next time when you arrive at Dunhuang, just take out your smartphone, and then you can perform 3D immersive real-time browsing, with the “apsaras” vividly leaping in front of your eyes as if within reach. Huawei’s Cyberverse service has been applied in more than 20 scenarios, including museums, shopping malls, historical relic, tourism, and exhibition halls. We also welcome more partners to use Cyberverse to create more extraordinary experience for your customers and users.

We work with our partners to accelerate intelligent digital transformation across industries by embracing the mindset to foster an ecosystem of all, by all, for all. We currently have over 14,000 consulting partners, over 6,000 technology partners. We are looking forward to being the leading cloud provider in the region. Our tagline is to offer everything as a service to facilitate your digital transformation journey more efficiently. Web3 is on its way, and HUAWEI CLOUD is ready to fuel this transformation. We are committed to deliver our ICT industry experience and the R&D outcomes as Services through HUAWEI CLOUD. Thank You All.

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