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“Introduction to Internet Computer: The Next-Gen Blockchain Technology” by Dr Paul Liu

October 06, 2022

FIN547 Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges is a module under School of Business, SUSS. It provides students a technical understanding of how blockchain works and how it can be used to address real-world problems. The course employs case studies, hands-on programming and projects to help students form a critical understanding of how blockchain technologies can be applied to both financial and nonfinancial areas, as well as the challenges and questions that still need to be addressed.

And today, with great honour, we had invited Dr Paul Liu as our guest speaker for today’s class to talk about “Introduction to Internet Computer: The Next-Gen Blockchain Technology”. Dr Paul Liu is a scientist with many years of experience in research, and had worked in Intel for 7 years. He is now a key scientist in Dfinity blockchain design in both technical and token economics. Together with Dr Paul Liu, Herbert Yang – the General Manager for Asia and Global Community of Dfinity has joined us today.

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