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The Future of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: A Disruptive Integration

September 03, 2022

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2022 was held last Thursday in Shanghai, with the topic this year heavily focused on the integration of artificial intelligence and metaverse. In the conference, Prof David Lee Kuo Chuen shared his insights on the complementary relationship between these two innovations.

Massive amount of data generated from the use of devices, social media and web applications has fueled the proliferation of AI. Yet, data privacy has always been a concern during the process of data utilization to train machine learning algorithm. With the use of public/private key infrastructure, blockchain systems allows for full encryption of stored and transmitted data. The underlying cryptography technology of blockchain also further enhances data privacy on the AI system. On the other hand, AI helps increase the blockchain efficiency as it helps speed up and cheapen the process of mining.

In short, blockchain’s underlying technology helps increase data security while AI better optimizes data processing and data management. Watch the interview to know more about the potential of blockchain and AI integration!

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