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WAWEB3 GFI 大会今日在西澳大学举行,涵盖数字资产和元宇宙等热门话题

April 05, 2023

WAWEB3 GFI 大会今日在西澳大学举行。澳大利亚尼德兰兹市市长 Fiona Argyle 受邀出席大会,并以《为所有人打开 Web3 大门》为主题发表了致辞。本次为期两天的大会将涵盖热门话题,如可持续绿色金融、安全、法规、数字资产和元宇宙等。

大会已得到新加坡金融管理局、香港数码港、西澳达利亚政府官员、联合国机构、西澳大学、西澳新加坡商会、东盟商会、万向区块链实验室、中本聪律师所、BTKN、Chainge、Math Wallet 和 World Scientific Publisher 的支持,各位出席嘉宾分享了最新的观点和交流。据悉,WAWEB3 是一家新兴的 Web3 协会,致力于推动西澳大利亚及全球范围内 Web3 技术的大规模采用。

The two-day WAWEB3 GFI conference was held as scheduled at the University of Western Australia today.

This two-day conference will cover hot topics such as sustainable green finance, security, regulations, digital assets, and the metaverse. In particular, the conference will explore how to use green energy for mining and promote a safer Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism.

Fiona Argyle, the Mayor of Nedlands in Australia, was invited to the conference and delivered a speech on “Unlocking the Web3 Potential for All”. #web3

The conference received support from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Cyberport Hong Kong, Western Australian government officials, United Nations agencies, the University of Western Australia, the Western Australian Singapore Business Association, the ASEAN Business Council, Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory, the Satoshi Law Firm, BTKN, Chainge, Math Wallet, and World Scientific Publisher.

Speakers shared their latest views and exchanged ideas.Scholars and industry experts from the Global Fintech Institute also attended the conference, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to gather the latest developments and trends in Web3.



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