Singapore University of Social Sciences

The finance industry has witnessed dramatic changes in the products and services provided in the markets, owing to the rapid developments of new technologies and innovations. To ensure that our curriculum is relevant to the industry developments, the Finance programme at SUSS has gone through several rounds of curriculum revamp. With a strong industry connection, we were able to invited industry veterans to become our SUSS Fellows to advise on our curriculum updates and give students exposure to the fast changing finance world. By Oct 2017, we have appointed more than 80 experts in FinTech and blockchain areas from all over the world to be our SUSS Fellows.

In addition, the Finance Programme at SUSS has developed a series of new courses in the curriculum to equip students with relevant knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the new roles that will evolve in the finance industry in the past few years. These courses cover areas in business analytics, programming, blockchain technology, and the latest developments in financial technology and business innovation. The objective is to give students a rigorous training in the area of programming and analytical skills, which are greatly needed in the new economy. Some of the new courses which are currently offered or will be offered in the next year are as follows:

  • ANL101 Statistics with R
  • ANL251 Python Programming
  • ANL203 Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • FIN311 Mathematics and Programming for Finance
  • FIN381 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • FIN383 Financial Technologies and Innovations
  • FIN385 Blockchain and Smart Contract for Finance
  • FIN387 Financial Cryptography
  • FIN498 Advanced Topics in Digital Economy and FinTech

These courses are open for public registration on a modular basis. More details of these courses can be found on SUSS website, or through the following link: Programme Structure [PDF]