Why Smart Cities Must Embrace Decentralization: The Case for Blockchain Cities

About this webinar

The concept of smart cities has evolved greatly in the past decade. One common trend we have noticed is the growing appreciate for active citizen engagement and contribution towards smarter, more efficient and happier cities.

At the same time there are competing models for the role of technology in society: proprietary, venture capital-backed and frequently extractive (Web 2.0) versus open, co-creative and decentralized (Web 3.0).

In this webinar, blockchain professors and entrepreneurs, David Lee and Boyd Cohen will explore the myriad of reasons why a blockchain approach to the evolution of cities is the superior choice for improving quality of life, ensuring resilience and for enabling urban innovation.


David LEE Kuo Chuen: BlockAsset Ventures and LeftCoast co-founder
Boyd Cohen: Dean of Research at EADA Business School and CEO, Co-founder of IoMob

Event Details

Live online Jun 13 9:00 pm or after on demand | 60 mins


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