SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops cum Blockchain Challenge 2020

23 Jun – 22 Aug 2020 | Online Seminar

This Challenge is part of the initiatives of SUNSHINE Blockchain Living Labs aiming to promote learning in developing forward-thinking blockchain-enabled apps. As part of this Challenge, SmartMesh and SUSS have lined up a series of workshops to guide participants step-by-step in the creation of inclusive apps on the blockchain.


The SUNSHINE Blockchain Living Labs jointly initiated by SUSS, SmartMesh, and MeshBox aims to promote and facilitate learning process in developing forward-thinking blockchain-enabled applications.

The 8-day workshop series consist of lectures, demos, and hands-on labs. Participants will be guided in exploring new tools such as blockchain, mesh networks, and a HyperMesh architecture, and learn how they can be part of solutions to address inclusivity issues.

We will also feature expert guest speakers who are pioneering solutions for inclusivity, including:
Dedoco, JEDTrade, Least Authority, Horizonbase, Akomba, Skilltree, InfoCorp, Sentinel Chain, AID:Tech, Netki, Dimuto, GTI, Unifinity, Alita Network, and Huobi University.

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Trainer’s Profile

Henry WANG
President & CEO
SmartMesh Foundation

Henry’s mission is to build a complete Internet of Value ecosystem using SmartMesh’s peer-to-peer connectivity applications between smart phones and smart devices. After receiving his Master’s degree in Physics from Peking University in 1999, Henry obtained a full scholarship for a Doctorate of Astronomy and Physics degree at Northwestern University in the United States. In 2000, he transferred to Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a Doctoral degree in Computer Science. During his studies, he served as a core development member and director of business development for Erlang Technology in the United States.

Henry is a thought leader in the global Blockchain field and a world renowned technical expert. His research and development projects cover Internet Protocol, Blockchain, Chip design, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, and Internet of Everything.

Dr Peter YAN
MeshBox Foundation

Dr Peter Yan received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, in the area of ASIC implementation of packet switching architectures for Internet Routers.  Peter has 25 years of experience with Wired and Wireless Networking, Mesh Networking, System-on-Chip (SoCs), Network-on-Chip (NoC), and Real-time Scheduling for Baseband Cellular communications, including 5G applications.  

He was recently the Interconnect Architect of Huawei American Wireless 5G Baseband SoC group and Senior Engineer specializing in Interconnect Networks and real-time scheduling between thousands of Tasks executing on Multi-Core CPUs. Peter also worked for Huawei’s Networking BU on the NE5000 Core Router Switch Fabric ASICs. Previously, Peter was Principle-Scientist at Broadcom. He was also Systems Architect, in the Business Development and Strategy Group, at Freescale Semiconductor.

Challenge Day Video Recording (First Cut)



Donate for a Cause

The workshop series that you will attend is equivalent to S$1800 in value. You are attending it for free because it is supported by the SUSS FinTech and Blockchain Group.

To allow us to continue to benefit more students and the community, we seek your kind donation to the SUSS Inclusive FinTech fund. Your generous donations will go to developing the capabilities of the younger generations in FinTech and Blockchain, and bridging the gaps between practitioners/thought leaders and the community in the bid to promote an inclusive society.

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