[video] GIBC 2018 – 17 April – SUSS – Main Session

AM Session

– [Welcome Speech] Prof Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SUSS
– [Opening Speech] Mr Roy Teo, Director, FinTech & Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore
– [Speech] Management and Economic Models of the Next Generation Public Chain, Mr Sunny Lu, CEO, Vechain
– [Keynote Speech] Blockchain and Account Revolution, Dr Xiao Feng, Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.
– [Speech] Building a Parallel Internet World using the MeshBox Technology, Mr Harry Xiao, MeshBox
– [Panel Discussion] Speculation, Bubbles and Worthiness
– [Panel Discussion] The Rise of Public-Private Chain and Financial Inclusion

PM Session

– [Speech] Atlas – Tokenised Marketing Protocol, Mr Duran Liu, Atlas Protocol
– [Panel Discussion] Will Blockchain Drive Inclusive Prosperity?
– [Keynote Speech] Introduction to EOS based Decentralised Exchange – Cybex, Mr James Gong, ChainB & Mr Chen Yan Feng, Longhash
– [Panel Discussion] Quantitative Trading and Institutional Investors of Cryptocurrency
– [Keynote Speech] JUZIX Data Exchange and Multi-Party Computation Services: The Next Generation Computation Structure, Dr Xie Xiang, JUZIX
– [Panel Discussion] The Female Founders
– [Keynote Speech] Blockchain and Distributed Commerce, Mr Tom Tao, Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.
– [Closing Speech] SG Yeo Guat Kwang, U SME

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