Singapore University of Social Sciences

[Video] The Future of Token Economy 30 Nov 2018

9.30am Opening  Address by Mr Paul Neo, Singapore Academy of Law

9.40am Introductory Remarks by Mr Peter Douglas, CAIA Association

9.50am Panel Discussion – Traditional Dispute Resolution & the Digital Economy

11.00am Sharing by Industry Association

Mr Richard Siaw, BEST Association

Mr Chia Hock Lai, Singapore FinTech Association / Token Economy Association

11.10am Panel Discussion – Smart Contracts & Open Source Platforms

11.50am Panel Discussion – Initial Crypto-token Offering vs Security Token Offering

2.00pm Keynote Address by Dr Tomicah Tillemann, Blockchain Trust Accelerator at New America on “The Future of Trust”

2.30pm Panel Discussion – New Token Regulation

3.40pm Panel Discussion – Decentralised Law Firm

4.20pm Panel Discussion – Encouraging Enterprises Towards Blockchain: Taxation, Incentives and Engagements

5.00pm Closing Speech by Prof Leslie Chew, School of Law, SUSS